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Raith Apex Bamboo 4WD - Pre Order

Raith Apex Bamboo 4WD - Pre Order

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Ready to ride the Lightning?

Apex Pre Order

Full amount required at time of order, fully refundable at anytime if you change your mind!

Free shipping within Australia, USA and Europe.

Delivery Mid-September

The Apex is our newest most refined model. The alternate deck design has increased standing platform area and reduced wheelbase to mimic modern downhill racing weapons. Truck width (and motor size) is reduced to produce a 160mm wide truck and 75% of the power and torque of the Vengeance, which will propel the board to a healthy top speed of approximately 110kmh, weight and aerodynamic profile dependent.

The deck design and cross section is such that there is close to zero torsional flex which gives a stiff and super controlled feel.

Production models will feature wheel wells so wheel bite with ~80mm wheels will not be an problem.

XR Model - Same motor option as the Vengeance model (larger motors and wider trucks - 180mm - more powerful option - see Vengeance specifications)

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Designed for the longboard rider that want’s the best of the best. The Apex is our most refined board yet. The penultimate electric skateboard with over 8+ years
spent in development.

~ Top speed of 110kph+
~ Quad 2000W motors in direct drive configuration
~ 45km range (approximate - weight dependent)
~ Patented Knuckle Duster remote tailored for safety (3 torque modes)
~ Two dual motor controllers operating in FOC for silky smooth operation
~ CNC Bamboo deck with deep tub concave, 60 grit clear griptape
~ Patented direct drive precision trucks, 7 series aluminium CNC’d hangers and baseplates ~ 4140 alloy steel axles.


DECK: CNC Fiberglass Reinforced Bamboo
WHEELBASE (AXLE TO AXLE): 71.2cm (28 inch)                      DECK WIDTH: 10 inches
TRUCKS: 160mm Patented Direct Drive Reverse Kingpin Scarlett Red Precision
Trucks ~1mm positive truck rake. 46 degree front and 30 degree rear truck base-plates. 90A/95A Barrel Bushings.
WHEELS: See Choices Available
MOTOR: Quad 2000W-rated 5050 custom brushless sensorless motors
MOTOR CONTROLLERS/ESC: Two Dual 100A ESC’s, FOC motor commutation.
BEARINGS: ABEC 9 precision steel ball bearings
BATTERY: 40.7V, 10AH, 407Wh custom built 11S2P configuration LiPo rated for 150A maximum continuous discharge with custom BMS.
REMOTE: Patented Knuckle Duster remote with 3 torque modes
WEIGHT: 12kg
RANGE: 45km (21.7 miles)
TOP SPEED: 110km/hr+(68mph)
MAX LOAD: 110kg / 240lb
SUITABLE TERRAIN: Sealed surfaces- asphalt & concrete roads
BRAKING: FOC regenerative braking with smooth engagement


~ Your new Raith Apex

~ Fast charger (5A)

~ Knuckle Duster Remote and micro-USB charging cable

~ Skate tool


Our boards are designed in Perth, Western Australia and assembled in China. Boards are available for purchase in a variety of countries including Australia, USA, Canada and most countries throughout Europe.

Australia: Ground shipped from Perth. Free shipping within Australia.

United States and Canada: Ground shipped from Florida. Free shipping within USA and Canada.

Europe: Ground shipped from Germany/Netherlands. Free shipping within Europe.