Established in 2017 from a downhill skateboarding pedigree and complex understanding of mechatronics engineering. Raith electric skateboards are the fastest and highest performing electric skateboards ever built. Assembled by hand, for your pure unadulterated pleasure.

Proudly and exclusively designed in Australia.

  • World Record

    Engineered by world record holder. Quality that can be relied on. Pushing boundaries and exceeding maximum performance.

  • Direct Drive

    Say goodbye to range anxiety. If your Raith Skateboard runs out of battery, the board has a low friction direct drive system that enables the rider to push the board home like a regular skateboard!

  • Lightweight

    High powered compact profile. Easy to carry and looks like a regular longboard.

  • Knuckle Duster Remote

    A completely new control concept that enables the rider to wear slide gloves whilst still retaining control of the board with the use of the thumb.

World Record