Raith Skateboards was established in 2017 from a downhill skateboarding
pedigree and a complex understanding of mechatronics engineering. Our range of mini and longboard electric skateboards each use the same cutting-edge patented direct drive technology as our
Vengeance V2 Prototype,
which currently holds the world record for the fastest electric
skateboard ever made. The highest-performing electric skateboards ever
built, Raith Skateboards allow you to ride on-road and explore across
all kinds of terrain. 

Proudly and exclusively designed in Australia, Raith Electric Skateboards are assembled by hand for your pure, unadulterated pleasure.

  • World Record Performance

    Engineered with the same cutting-edge patented direct drive technology that holds the current World Record for the fastest electric skateboard. Push boundaries with quality you can rely on.

  • Longer Rides with Direct Drive

    Say goodbye to range anxiety. Raith boards are built with a low-friction direct drive system that ensures you can push your electric skateboard board home like a regular skateboard if your board runs out of battery.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry

    Our boards might be high-powered, but their compact profile and lightweight technology can be carried home after your ride. Looks like a regular longboard, made to go wherever you go.

  • Knuckle Duster Remote Control

    A revolutionary new control concept that enables the rider to wear slide gloves whilst still retaining control with the use of the thumb.

  • Voda V

    "I got the Midnight Bamboo, this is my first board of any kind and I absolutely love it! I'm not a skater so I had my concerns for sure, but skating this board is so simple and easy. I love the speed it goes, both thrilling and effective. It took one ride to get used to the hand remote, and fits neatly with the glove. The trucks are extremely giving, making it easy to turn and maneuver. Minimal upkeep and maintenance, so overall very user friendly. 5 stars! Cheers Raith!"

  • Joey S

    "The Rocket makes the simple commute to work fun. Drinking your coffee while carving is something else. It also makes any city I travel to much more accessible with the ability to take it on commercial flights as carry on is just unrivaled! It's the perfect mix between skating and snowboarding no matter your location."

  • Luke T

    "I bought the Midnight Bamboo. I've tried out a handful of these electric skateboards over the years, all pretty fun but none pack as much punch as Raith boards. I was surprised how well the trucks handled the speed and turns. Felt like riding a normal board but you could skate up a hill like you were going down. The speed control was awesome! Could go as hard or as mellow as you like and the way you can slow yourself down so fast if you needed too. The full setup definitely exceeded expectations."

World Record