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Raith Skateboards

Raith Midnight Bamboo 2WD

Raith Midnight Bamboo 2WD

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Midnight Specifications


Designed for the rider that demands the smoothest and most comfortable cruising electric skateboard. The Midnight is the smoothest-riding electric skateboard with over 8 years spent in development. Utilizing the same cutting-edge technology that powers the world's fastest electric skateboard in the world, the Midnight is perfect for coffee runs, commuting and carving but capable of real performance when required.

~ Top speed 60kph

~ Dual 2400W rated motors in direct drive configuration

~ 35km range (approximate - weight dependent)

~ Patented Knuckle Duster remote tailored for safety (3 torque modes)

~ Dual motor controller operating in FOC for silky smooth operation

~ Fiberglass reinforced bamboo deck with deep tub concave, 60 grit grip tape~ Patented direct drive rear precision truck

~ HFI sensorless start

Alternate wheels that fit the Midnight:

BOA Sigma 80mm Wheels

BOA Hatchling 90mm Wheels (Extra Risers Recommended) (Reduced Torque Available, Higher Top Speed)

BOA Constrictor 100mm Wheels (Extra Risers Recommended) (Reduced Torque Available, Higher Top Speed)


Orangatang Kegel 80mm Wheels

Orangatang Caguama 85mm Wheels (Extra Risers Recommended) (Reduced Torque Available, Higher Top Speed)

Orangatang Dad Bod 105mm Wheels (Extra Risers Recommended) (Reduced Torque Available, Higher Top Speed)


DECK MATERIAL: Fibreglass reinforced bamboo radial speedboard
WHEELBASE (AXLE TO AXLE): 76cm (30 inches)               

DECK WIDTH: 10 inches
TRUCKS: 180mm Paris V3 Scarlett Red front truck. 180mm Patented Direct Drive Reverse Kingpin Scarlett Red Rear Precision Truck. 50 degree front and 42 degree rear truck base-plate angles. 90A Barrel Bushings.

WHEELS: 80mm, 74a 88 Wheel Co. Maverick Pro Urethane Wheels

MOTORS: Dual 2400W-rated 5060 custom brushless sensorless motors

MOTOR CONTROLLERS/ESC: Dual 50A ESC, FOC motor commutation with HFI sensorless start.

BEARINGS: RAITH ABEC 9 precision steel ball bearings

BATTERY: 33.3V, 10AH, 333Wh custom built 9S2P configuration LiPo rated for 150A maximum continuous discharge with custom BMS.


REMOTE: Patented Knuckle Duster remote with 3 torque modes


RANGE: 35km (21.7 miles)

TOP SPEED: 60km/hr (37mph)

MAX LOAD: 100kg / 265lb

SUITABLE TERRAIN: Sealed surfaces- asphalt & concrete roads


BRAKING: FOC regenerative braking with smooth engagement


~ Your new Raith Midnight Bamboo

~ Fast charger (5A)

~ Knuckle Duster Remote and micro-USB charging cable

~ Skate Tool


Our boards are designed in Perth, Western Australia and assembled in China. Boards are available for purchase in a variety of countries including Australia, USA, Canada and most countries throughout Europe.

Australia: Ground shipped from Perth. Free shipping within Australia.

United States and Canada: Ground shipped from Florida. Free shipping within USA and Canada.

Europe: Ground shipped from Germany/Netherlands. Free shipping within Europe.


Download Raith Midnight Bamboo 2WD User Manual