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There is no substitute for pure performance. Raith electric skateboards are
assembled by hand, and carefully designed with cutting-edge direct drive
technology to ensure all boards withstand anything thrown their way.

Established in 2017 by a downhill skateboarder with a complex understanding of
mechatronics engineering, Raith electric skateboards are now the fastest
and highest performance skateboards built. Our electric skateboards
each utilise the same cutting-edge patented direct drive technology as
on our Vengeance V2 Prototype, which currently holds the World Record for top speed at 132 km/h.

How long is the range for electric skateboards?

The Vengeance 4WD has the longest range at 45km / 27 miles, however, you can compare all ranges of our electric skateboards to ensure you make the right choice. You can say goodbye to range anxiety though, as all Raith electric skateboards have a low friction direct drive system that enables the rider to push the board home like a regular skateboard if the battery runs out. 

How fast does an electric skateboard go? 

Our boards can travel anywhere from up to 36kmh/27mph, to 130+km/h. To
ensure you stay safe when using your electric skateboard, wear a helmet, we’ve also designed a range of accessories for those wanting that extra thrill. Make sure you view and compare the speed of our electric skateboards prior to purchasing, to ensure you make the right choice.